ROSE exists to improve the quality of life for Quebecers and Canadians.

Be it relief from serious disease and suffering, or escape from anxiety and depression, ROSE’s mission is to deliver the very best natural products for people looking to

Live Better.


Who is Rose?

ROSE is a new kind of cannabis company.

Founded by executive leaders from the world’s largest government regulated industries, ROSE will ensure Québec benefits from the responsible production, sale, and use of cannabis.

Currently in construction, ROSE’s Phase 1 site will enable the production of the highest quality cannabis, produced using strict protocols in a highly controlled indoor 55,000 square feet facility, ensuring top quality and consistent production, at affordable prices.

The secured site will include an extraction laboratory as well as a Research and Development Center dedicated to innovation and new development of strains in line with patient needs.

Our Hometown

Huntingdon, Québec, Canada.

ROSE is proud to call Huntingdon, Québec our hometown; where we enjoy the support and collaboration of residents and elected officials as we grow to provide jobs and develop the local economy.

Montage ville Huntingdon_02

Huntingdon is a unique industrial city located on the banks of the Chateauguay River, 75 km southwest of Montréal, bordering the province of Ontario and New York State. The city contributes to the economic development of a territory of 23,000 inhabitants and offers a loyal, skilled, and stable jobs base that draw on generations of experience in the industrial and manufacturing sector.


Huntingdon provides ROSE with significant advantages including a fully automated water treatment plant, wastewater treatment, natural gas distribution network, and hydroelectric power supplied by Hydro-Québec.

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Rose LifeScience Inc.
72, rue Dalhousie, Suite 201
Huntingdon, Québec, Canada
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